Terms and Conditions

1.1 Terms alongside conditions

1.1.1 Widespread terms of employ

We are thanking you for giving us the honour to supply our goods and services. Royal followers welcome you on their platform with certain terms of employment. All the copyrights are reserved for us. If you are willing to receive our assistance, you have to agree with our conditions. But, if you have doubts you can clear your mind with the help of our support system. Once you agree with our terms, you directly give us your consent and bound yourself to follow our leads. Our terms include some federal and global directives. Furthermore, our acquaintance also attaches you with outcomes and responsibilities coming alongside.

1.1.2 User Permit

This permit allows you to download a copy file of any material on the website of royal followers. Such agreements are exclusively personal and non-commercial. It doesn’t give you any kind of ownership but hurdles you with conditions like you cannot

 Do any alterations

  • Duplicate material to get more copies
  • Use the data for non-personal or commercial benefits
  • Execute strives on decompiling or reverser by any kind of software, used by royal followers
  • Go against copyrights and use the material under different servers

1.1.3 Declaimer

  • Your License termination happens automatically if you violate any condition, given above.
  • Once your execution completes you are expected to remove all the downloaded data from your devices or hard copies.
  • Any type of agreement made about the warranty and representation under royal followers will not be considered anymore.
  • No concessions will be made and royal followers will invalidate your limitations, warranties and merchantability conditions.
  • No patent rights will be granted to those who go beyond non-commercial usages.
  • Infringement or violation of copyrights also comes under this denial.

1.1.4 Boundaries

You can buy our services without any hesitation. But, we do not consider ourselves accountable for certain damage that happens. Such damages are due to the lack of your knowledge or usage of fewer amount of material available on our website. A rightly placed boundary is anticipated, in case of such vandalizations. Particular customers also can be free from such limitations because of some jurisdictions.

1.1.5 Emendation

Royal followers cannot give you any kind of

  • Affirmation or guarantee about the material that is accessible on their website.
  • It cannot be completely accurate instead it could contain errors like photographic, typing, grammar or technical.
  • Our team can alter available information, on the website, at any time without any restriction of telling the customers beforehand.

· Updates or continuous changes are also not promised by royal followers.

1.1.6 Other Resources

Royal followers do not implement or promote their services with linked websites. Also, we do not have a system to keep such fluctuation in check. So, if you see this sort of link and still choose to follow it then you will be wholly responsible for the consequences caused by them.

1.1.7 Modified Usage Terms

All the usage terms given here can be modified at any account and any official statement for buyers can also not be expected. Regardless of the updates, you have given your consent of following all the terms and conditions while using our website.

1.1.8 Actions to Mend

Sometimes, unnecessary issues cause huge problems. To avoid these complications, you should focus on particular undertakings. Like

  1. Public settings of your account

Before making your order, go and check the settings of your account. Is it set on the public? Your account must be in the public mode because the delivery of likes, followers, shares or viewers cannot be possible on a private account. Our system works in an automated mode which is why we do not need your password but public availability of your account is a necessity. Furthermore, You have a choice to modify your account back to private settings after you get your complete order. Otherwise, we cannot take any kind of responsibility whatsoever.

  1. Don’t ride on two bikes at a time

You are free to do things you want to do. Surely, you can buy services from other websites too but we recommend you not to do it at a time. Obviously, If you ride two bikes simultaneously, you will have a high risk of an accident. Moreover, you will not be able to keep on track of receiving your order and any type of inconvenience could not be identified. Usually, our team receives complaints about such crises. Our work is done with the warning of avoiding this situation and in the future, we will not be responsible for your actions.

  1. Finalize your Username

Undoubtedly, changing your username on Instagram or any other platform can block our access to your account and we will not be able to deliver your order. In addition to this, after changing your username you will lose your approachability to the target population of followers. Don’t worry! You can always change your account’s username, all you need is the right time. On the other hand, if you face any problem due to your changing process then, we will not be responsible and also you will not be considered eligible for a refund.

Our perks to offer

  • Immediate deliveries after money clearance
  • The maximum time required is 24 hours
  • Your order gets shelter under our 30 days refund policy
  • No export fees as there is no physical order
  • Review our refund policy if you want your money back

1.2 Offered Privacy Policy

The protection offered to your payments and details is as follows:

  • End-to-end encrypted via SSL
  • No card details are misused or even saved
  • Our system contributor process your payment
  • Safe and secure personal information
  • Only our team can access your details, no one else can
  • Multiple authorizations and IP address is required to reach your details
  • Removal of your details permanently, you just need to contact us through email

As a result, royal followers need to save your details but if you don’t want them you can contact us here:

Contact Us

Use your best-suited way to contact us regarding any problem

Email: sales@royalfollowers.ca

Customer service: +447862076078

Company address: 50 High Street, Brierley Hill, England, DY5 3AW

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