Refund Policy

Settlement and 30 days Payback blueprint

Firstly, you choose your package and move forward to checkout. In the case of card payment, once you enter your card details, we deduct the right amount of money as your order’s payment. Moreover, your card details are always safe with us. Our usage of SSL encryption ensures that you do your payments most dependably and firmly possible.

Royal followers bring you a great opportunity for a 30-day money-back policy. For example, if you do not like our services or face issues in any case then we are bound to do your honest refunds.

Privacy Within a Privacy

Agreeing with a card payment is not an ideal option, completely. Because, nowadays, there are tons of fraudsters, roaming around this industry. The website of royal followers is really strict when it comes to trickery. We tend to reset your order if we see any problem during checkout. Our team detect the IP address’ of fraudsters and make sure to get them banned. So that, they could never be able to give orders ever in the future. On the other hand, if you are true to us, we offer you a 100% guarantee of compensation, whenever you face complications.

Claim your Refund

In addition to this all, if you feel any disappointment or difficulty, let us help you! Contact us with these details of yours:

  • Order number
  • Billing label

Our terms for your Payback

There are a few conditions that decide whether you can claim your money from us or not

  • No Refund on completed or progressive orders
  • A refund might be possible if the issue arises due to the change in username
  • Your faulty details can come forward in the form of losing your order as well as a refund claim
  • We have already informed that only a public account can bear our orders. So, if an account is private or changed into a private setting during order processing, it will not be qualified for a repayment

No disputation before approaching us. Otherwise, you will lose your likeliness of getting a rebate

Promises with Fulfillments

Royal Followers guarantee you a full proven and successful money-back option with a 100% originality rate. If your claim satisfies any of our terms then don’t wait and contact us. We do what you actually expect from us.

Our refund policy holds power for 30 days only. But, if you present your issue after 30 days of order completion, we can still think about it according to the nature of your problem.

Do you want to contact us?

Check our “Contact us” section if you have any inquiries in your mind. We have a 24/7 support system, available only for you.

Lastly, we do not reserve your details of the payment procedure also.

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